Here are the pictures of my keys

Semi automatic bugs

This was my first bug. It is a Hi-mound but when I bought it in Glasgow in 1966 it was sold as Eagle Products mod. KY-102

Without the cover

Vibroplex Blue Racer de Luxe. Unfortunately the chrome is a little tarnished from exposure to sea environement on vessels without airconditioning. In the tropics the porthole of the radio room was always open

Vibroplex Champion

Rare canadian bug made by the Wilson Mfg. Co. of Ontario for the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is a peculiar bug wich produces very crisp dots due the rather hard spring and a piece of wire across the dots contact.

If turned upside down with the three rubber feet (that I don't have) mounted on the damper and on the main yoke, it can be used by a left handed operator. 

Added June 2012.

Extremely rare german bug made by Junker (the maker of the famous german straight key) in the 60's for the german police. On the base is marked: PHFS 12, which stands for "Polizei Haupt Funk Stelle 12" or "Police Main Radio Station 12". Here is as it was when I got it.

Added June 2012.

Here is after restoring. I made a new thumb piece according to the original shape and size. A very good bug, basically similar to the Vibroplex Lightning Bug. Thanks to its weight, about 1,5 kg, and the 4 suction cups is very stable. 

This bug has no label or any other sign. I think that it has been made almost certainly in Germany. A german collector has in his collection a bug exactly similar to this one. The threads are decimal. The level of workmanship is not excellent but I must say it works well. The design of this bug is clearly copied from the Vibroplex Lightning bug as are also other bugs produced in Germany around the years 50's-60's of last century. I have completely dismantled it and restored. As any other bug also this one has its particular character.

Added March 2014.


E.F. Johnson Speed-X bug mod. 114-520.

Added july 2014.


Dentsu Seiki bug BK-50. This is as it was offered on Ebay. Although I am already reducing my collection since some time, I bought it because I always wanted to have this bug but never had the chance to get one. 

Here is the same BK-50 after an overhaul. Completely dismantled piece by piece and throughly cleaned to shine.

Added on January 2020.

Paddles and keyers

Vibroplex dual-lever paddle

Kent dual lever paddle

Schurr Profi paddle.


Bencher paddle

Home made paddle with parts from the junk box. It will win no prize, but it works! If you shorten the dots and dashes contacts, you have also a sideswiper.

Above key mounted on a new base, much heavier than previous, new finger piece and a switch to select its use as a sideswiper or as a single paddle.

November 2015.

Homebrew sideswiper copied from a design of the French Dyna Maniflex sideswiper, found on the page of F9WT on Sideswiper Net - SSN.

Made in january 2015.

Added new contacts and a new finger piece november 2015.

Memory keyer Kenpro KP-200.


Keyer Himound UFO-001


Hallicrafters T.O. Keyer


Vertical keys

The famous Marconi key type 365B


Marconi key type 365EZ

Marconi key type 365FZ

This key has no markings, but it is very similar to the Marconi 365 key also as feeling, it is a very good key.


This key was used at Scheveningenradio/PCH. They were made in very limited number (only 45 according to my informations) at the workshop of the dutch PTT in The Hague. Mine is No. 37. This is also copied from the Marconi 365 key but on my opinion is even better. It is a very good key with a fantastic action.


This key has no markings. I don't know who is the maker. I bought it at a ham fair in Holland. It resembles a swedish key of XL size: 27,5 x 8,5 cm., but it handles very well. Sold.


Miniature key from McMurdo.


Llaves telegraficas artesanas mod. GMC


Elliot Brothers Key. This was used at Takoradiradio/9GA in Ghana. When the station was closed down in the eighties, I got it from the chief operator in exchange of some cigarettes. The original base of wood was in very bad conditions, so I replaced it with a bakelite piece of the same size and thickness. Sold.

Italian telegraph machine from Officina Elettrica Dir. Em. Gerosa - Milano, perfectly working.

Norsk Marconi key type 803B, a norwegian version of the 213.


Key from Elektrisk Bureau Oslo.


Key from Elektrisk Bureau Oslo in nearly immaculate conditions.

Added april 2014.

Flameproof russian key.


Danish key from Northern Telegraph Works, it was always installed on Elektromekano radio stations. 


JRC key KY-3

Kent Professional key KT1

ADMY PATT. No. 7681


Swiss STM-07 Army key made by Stampfl HB9KOC. A cheerful key, adds color to the shack.

Added February 2012.


Swiss postal key from Hasler - Bern.

Added May 2014.


Original german Junker key, but with the label of an italian firm that installed complete radio stations.


Danish key made by Wilhelm Johnsen, Copenhagen. (I received this information from longtime collector Anton/PA3AQV). I have restored it and repainted in another color. It has a beautiful feeling. Sold.

Danish Amplidan key model 50713. I have replaced the original spherical knob, which I still have, with a flat one.

Mini russian key

Japanese Sato key with cover. It was used to key the morse signal light on the masthead, but it is a very nice key to use also in your shack.


Key W.T. 8 Amp No. 2 Mk III mounted on a solid steel base with cover. I restored and repainted it with another color.


Hungarian key, I mounted it onto a bakelite base for more weight and better stability.


Deluxe Stream Key of Dentsu Seiki Co. Mod. HK-1S. I bouhgt it in Tokyo  in 1970 at the market of electronics near Akhyabara station. Originally it had a white marble base which I replaced with a bakelite one of minor thickness in order to reduce the height of the knob of about 15 mm.

Key from former DDR; made by VEB Funkwerk Leipzig.


Russian key with filter in the base.


Himound key HK-707.


Italian key TS-1 MS


US J-37 key mounted on a steel base


American key Speed-X mounted onto a bakelite base.


Key W.T. 8 Amp. No. 2 Mk III mounted onto a bakelite base.


Key from a JRC lifeboat emergency radio. I have mounted it onto a bakelite base.